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Fighting the epidemic, we are acting

During the Spring Festival, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection spread rapidly. Jiangsu Jiayite Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. pays close attention to the development of the epidemic, attaches great importance to prevention and control work, and actively follows the relevant deployment requirements of the central, provincial, and municipal governments on joint prevention and control of the epidemic. Respond and cooperate! Delayed resumption of work. After receiving the notice of resumption of work from industrial enterprises in Xuyi County, it passed the resumption approval procedures and officially resumed work and production on February 18, 2020. Immediately, an epidemic prevention and control team headed by corporate party members was set up, and two epidemic emergency vehicles were arranged at the entrance of the factory. Before resuming work, all corners of the factory are disinfected. In order to reduce the concentration of personnel, employees are returned to work in three batches. Employees who need to return to work first undergo a physical examination, and can return to work after passing the physical examination.


After the formal resumption of work, the company has set up a testing area at the gate and has government-appointed personnel to supervise the site. All personnel entering the factory can enter the factory only after taking their body temperature, registering their body temperature, disinfecting their hands, and changing a new mask. The body temperature is strictly controlled at 36-37 degrees, and those with a body temperature of over 37 degrees are reported and returned home for observation, and if necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.

After entering the factory, place a hand sanitizer, a spray can with 84 disinfectant, and a spray can with 75% medical alcohol in the office area. Use 84 disinfectant to thoroughly disinfect the office twice a day, and open windows for ventilation in the office every four hours during working hours.

Before going to work in the production workshop, all equipment and instruments in the workshop are fully disinfected before they can start. You must wear a mask during working hours. It is strictly forbidden to go to work. If multiple people are required to work at the same time due to work needs, try to keep a safe distance and do a good job in the work area. ventilation.

The epidemic is the order, time is the life, and prevention and control is the responsibility. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the party and the government, and the joint efforts of the whole society, we will be able to win this battle against the epidemic with one heart, united as one, and group prevention and control. The epidemic will not retreat, and we will never retreat!